Miss Lebanon In Hot Water After Selfie With Miss Israel


The “oh, and I want world peace” trope may actually be relevant this year in the Miss Universe pageant in Miami, Florida.

The word “selfie” not only refused to die after 2014 but has already rekindled the flames of a 67-year-old international conflict on social media of all places.

When Miss Israel allegedly “photo-bombed” Miss Lebanon with a selfie and posted it to Instagram, way too many people got way too serious.


The Israeli-Lebanese conflict has been going on for quite some time, stretching back to 1948. However, the war has remained mostly stagnant since 2006.

Many media outlets have stated social media attacked Miss Lebanon after the selfie. However, Huffington Post, Business Insider, NBC News, and all other outlets did not supply any evidence to support this claim.

Perhaps Saly Greige – Miss Lebanon herself – received personal messages. She reposted the photo yesterday, cropping out Miss Israel, and explaining it was a photobomb.


While Griege’s reaction may seem extreme, some would say she is merely fearing her own safety and responding to an extreme law – any contact with an Israeli is illegal in Lebanon.

Still, people were not happy with Miss Lebanon’s photobomb excuse.


Miss Israel reacted to the backlash as well, “It doesn’t surprise me, but it still makes me sad. Too bad you can not put the hostility out of the game.”

However, it’s not completely ugly. In addition to accidentally making the social media world aware of these absurd laws, many took to the original Instagram photo to express their support.

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