Mississippi Cheerleader Who Converted to Islam And Joined ISIS Just Got B*tch Slapped By The Judge!

Serves her right.

Every idiot who gets caught trying to join ISIS makes the same mistakes. They’ll post ISIS propaganda on their social media accounts, which, to little surprise, get flagged by the FBI.

Such was the case of Jaelyn Young, a Mississippi women who attempted to flee for Turkey to join the so-called Islamic State. She claims to have gained sympathetic views towards the group by viewing their propaganda online, which alone confirms that she’s a sinister human being. Who watches videos of torture, beheadings, and other violence in the name of Islam and thinks to themselves “count me in!”

Young attempted to disguise her flight to Turkey as a honeymoon trip, which, as it turned out, didn’t end up too well.

Via Blue Lives Matter

A Mississippi woman, Jaelyn Young, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on a terrorism charge after she was caught trying to leave the country to join ISIS.

Jaelyn Young pleaded guilty in March to one count of conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization. She faced up to 20 years in prison, but was only sentenced to 12 years.

Her fiance, Muhammad Dakhlalla, also pleaded guilty March 11 to one count of conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Dakhlalla’s sentencing is in two weeks.

They were both arrested in 2015 as they tried to board a flight for Istanbul, Turkey.

“I found the contacts, made arrangements, planned the departure,” Young wrote in a farewell note to her family. “I am guilty of what you soon will find out.”

Jaelyn Young was the daughter of a school administrator and a police officer. She was also a former honor student and cheerleader. She converted to Islam while in college, and she started to wear a burqa and distance herself from friends and family. She believed that it was best to avoid the non-muslim influence of friend and family.

She would’ve been stripped of her freedom’s under ISIS control – now she’ll be stripped of her freedoms in prison. I guess her fate isn’t too much different from what it would’ve been otherwise.

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