VIDEO : Mississippi Governor Tells Obama HELL NO We Wont Accept Any Syrian Refugees

Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, has stated that his state will not accept Syrian refugees until some of them are shipped to the Georgetown area of DC.

He shouldn’t take any. No state should. The only people who want the refugees are the bleeding heart liberals who are too dense in the brain to understand what happens when you bring a handful of possible terrorists into the country.

I guess the liberals haven’t seen the destruction in France and Germany. The gang rapes. The crime. The filth. That’s what liberals want America to become, but most people who have a functional brain equipped with logic and critical thinking skills do not want their state flooded with Syrian refugees. The term “rape-fugee” didn’t show up out of nowhere, it was created because of all the rapes coming from the ungrateful refugees.


The sad part of all this refugee talk is that there really are kids involved and it’s entirely unfortunate for those kids to be part of this nonsense. It’s not fair to those kids at all, but some of those kids have terrorist parents and we can’t risk our own country to save the kids of a terrorist.

Is that mean and stereotypical to say? Yeah, probably, but stereotypes exist because they’re true.

Governor Phil Bryant is doing a very honorable thing by protecting his state and citizens from the dirty crimes that the refugees bring to the towns they try to take over with their Sharia law.

Does any town want an uncivilized religion invading their area, throwing gays off the roofs, marrying 9-year-old girls, forcing women into gang-rape, and simply ruining the towns they live in?


If a Syrian family moves to America, integrates well, and does things the right way – that’s fine. But I don’t believe anyone wants droves of angry refugees running amok like a wild group of animals, which is exactly what they’ve done in France and Germany.

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