Missouri Police Officer ‘Fighting For His Life’ After Ambush Shooting

The HITS just keep on coming. With the anti-cop sentiment flooding across the nation, every hour the news is reporting one more tragedy related to anti-cops and Black Lives Matter sentiment. Just late yesterday a St. Louis police officer was in critical condition after being ambushed and shot during a traffic stop. Suspect, Antonio Taylor, a 31-year-old black man was paroled in 2015… course if the cop was able to shoot back Mr. Taylor would suddenly appear to be a young man innocent with his ‘hands up don’t shoot’. <= sarcasm/frustration/confusion

Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott said the unidentified officer was walking to his car after the initial conversation with the motorist he stopped for speeding Friday morning when that driver “advanced quickly” on him from behind, firing at least three shots.

The officer “had no chance at all” to pull his handgun and “was completely helpless,” Scott said, noting the encounter was recorded by the police car’s dashcam.

“Make no mistake: We believe during this investigation that Ballwin officer was ambushed, period,” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said.

Scott said the officer was in critical but stable condition, and “fighting for his life” at a hospital in Creve Coeur, west of St. Louis.

After the shooting, Belmar said, the suspect sped away before an officer from another police department spotted the car about 4 miles away. The suspect abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot before being arrested about five minutes later, Belmar said.

According to reports, there was no evidence of any dispute between Taylor and the white officer, a nine-year veteran before the gunfire. The Police Chief said he “can’t even begin to speculate” about a motive, including whether the shooting had racial overtones. With the attacks in Ballwin, Dallas, Tennessee and Georgia in a 24-hour period it has prompted police agencies in the U.S. to take precautionary safety measures. What measures are you taking to keep your family safe and what dangers might you face?

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