Missouri Teen Burglars Mistake Human Ashes for Cocaine


(Truth Revolt) A Missouri man had his father’s ashes thrown in the trash after teen burglar’s tossed the remains upon discovering the ashes were not cocaine.

Devin Gesell, 17, admitted he and his two accomplices, ages 15 and 16, broke into the St. Peters home in November looking for goods, according to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The two teens were looking for valuables to steal when they broke into the home and walked away with ” jewelry, prescription drugs, video games, $825 in cash and the remains of the homeowner’s father, the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office alleges.”

Total bounty was small, cashing in at only $3,000 except for the ashes of the homeowner’s father. The suspect informed the police they had thrown away the ashes when they discovered it was not cocaine. The teen did not know where the ashes had been discarded. One of the suspects also told the police they “tested” the ashes to make sure it was non cocaine.

—Courtesy of Truth Revolt

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