MN Somali Stabber, NYC Afghan Bomber— Both Foreign Born Islamists

After three terror attacks in a single day last Saturday, the media continued it’s usual denial. To recap, at 9:30 am an explosive was detonated near a Veterans 5k event in New Jersey, and later in the day there was a stabbing in a mall in Minnesota where nine were injured, and another explosion in NYC where 29 were injured.

And how did the media report it? They were investigating the Minnesota mall stabbing, where the man with the knife was shouting “Allah Akbar!” as a “possible terror attack.” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that attack in his city was “intentional, but not a terrorist attack.” You’d think that if it was intentional, it would be a terrorist attack, no?

I get it – it’s always wise to wait for all the information to come in before making a judgement, especially right after an attack occurred, but when else do liberals have this much objectivity? If there’s a mass public shooting, you can bet within minutes they’ll blame the shooting on Republicans, the NRA, and/or a lack of gun control.

Well guess what: both terrorists behind Saturday’s attacks were terrorists, and the one at the Minnesota mall had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

As the Gateway Pundit reports:

Afghan immigrant Ahmad Khan Rahami is wanted by authorities in connection to bomb attack in Chelsea. Dahir Adan from Somalia went on a stabbing rampage on Saturday at a St. Cloud mall.


The Minnesota Somali community was stunned Sunday by the Islamist attack in St. Cloud.
The attacker was identified as Dahir Adan.

What did liberals realistically think the odds would be that this isn’t an Islamist terror attack? Aside from Timothy McVeigh during the Oklahoma City Bombing over twenty years ago, when are bombings caused by anything except for Islamists?

After the bombing in NYC, Ahmad called the NYPD to make promises that more bombings would be coming in the future. He may have been prevented from carrying them out, but he’s not the only Islamist thinking like this. The barbarians are inside the gates, and now it’s time to weed them out.

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