Mob of Feral Thugs Begin Fighting at Walmart, Minutes Later All Hell Breaks Loose! (VIDEO)

Half a million views and tons of comments cracking jokes at the feral animal thugs fighting in a Walmart.

And of course, nothing is complete without people arguing on the Internet in the comment sections.

Some people calling each other racist because someone pointed out that the people fighting are black. Well, that’s not racist, that’s just a fact. The people in the video just happen to be black. Pointing out facts does not make anyone racist. Other comments are making fun of liberals, which were the people calling everyone else racist.

How about commenting on the losers fighting in a store? Instead of the comment sections battling each other, why don’t they remember that there’s a bunch of basic b*tches fighting in the damn store?

Have a look at the Walmart fight video that occurred just before Christmas, in hoopty holiday hood-rat spirit. You can thank Marlene Jaggers for capturing the video and uploading it while the chaos ensued and people yelled like maniacs.

This wonderful thuggish Walmart fight video explains two things:

  1. this is why the shelves at Walmart are always a hot mess.
  2. some people don’t know how to act in public.
  3. bike pumps make great weapons.

What’s the difference between Target and Walmart? This fight video is the difference. Walmart attracts the hood-rats and always has messed up shelves, probably thanks to fights like this. Target has nice shelves, but they allow men to walk in the ladies room and the girls feel creeped out all the time. I guess each store has it’s own issues.

Here’s more about the Walmart fight video from the original news source.

WDRB – LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Louisville woman captured this video of a fight that broke out at an area Walmart just two days before Christmas.

Walmart officials say no one was arrested after the fight, and no one was injured.

“We do not condone that behavior,” said Walmart Spokesperson Leslee Wright.

A store employee can be seen in the video trying to split up the fight.

The woman who posted the video says the fight lasted for about 25 minutes at the Walmart on Raggard Road near Greenbelt Highway and Terry Road.

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