Mob Of Muslim Migrants Sexually Assault 35 Young Girls At Music Fest

The girls assaulted at the music festival were between 12-17 years old. So far 35 girls have come forward to report their assault during the ‘Party in the Park’ festival 250 miles from Stockholm in Sweden on Friday and Saturday night.

Victims reported being ‘kissed and groped’ but because of the anonymity laws that’s all we’re getting from authorities. However, one 17-year-old victim, Alexandra Larsson, waived her anonymity to describe how she was targeted by an attacker while she was watching music at the popular event. This is her story courtesy of Daily Mail UK

‘At first we were pushed right up against the stage by the massive crowd. Everyone around us behaved really badly and my friends told a couple of boys to quieten down.

‘They were then threatened by the boys who said “you will die, b***h”. But the verbal abuse was just beginning. It would become much worse.
‘We managed to walk away from those boys after a while and started watching the concert. That was when I felt the first touch against my bottom.
‘Then someone took the liberty of grabbing my butt really hard. I turned away and said to the group of boys behind us that this was not okay, but I did not know who had done it. After a while, I felt someone running his fingers between my legs touching my genitals. Luckily, I had jeans on me.’
After the harassment, she turned around and said to the group of young men standing next to her that they should stop what they were doing. But everyone around her claimed to be innocent.

It then happened again, she said.
‘I turned around and screamed right out that “whoever it was – you’re a pig!” I told my friends what had just happened and they were all shocked. Me and my girlfriends decided to leave the concert, because we could not see who it was. It was just a sea of people.’
Ms Larsson described a feeling of powerlessness as the festival she and her friends had been looking forward to was completely destroyed.
‘It was creepy. Someone stood around me and groped me and I had no idea who it was. It was sick. We had come there to have fun, but the festival only lasted 20 minutes for us because it was so uncomfortable.

She went on to explain that the boys were about 18 years old and were immigrants. When she was reporting it she saw so many other girls even younger than she was crying because they too had been violated. It’s unfortunate that these young women can no longer go to public events without the fear of being groped or even often raped. The misfortune of the European countries taking in so many immigrants at once is that amongst the really destitute woman and children are men who have no respect for women because in their culture women are merely property with no rights.

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