Mob Of Muslims Rape White Girl- Now Citizens In Her Town Are About To Invoke RETRIBUTION…

It’s a scary thing that we tell our children that there is no such thing as monsters in the world. When in fact, there truly are. Monsters far worse than any of our active imaginations could design.

This poor 23-yr old woman who is also a Mother of 3 children herself, was drugged, physically and sexually assaulted and left with no memory of it in a place she was not familiar with.

She woke up covered in her own blood and a body almost unrecognizable due to the bruising that she was suffering from.



The last thing this Mother remembered was heading out to enjoy a night out with friends on the town. A rare occasion for any Mother. However, things obviously did not turn out the way this young Mother had expected. Not even close.

Her drink was spiked and she was abducted from her night out by not one but SIX Muslim migrants that night.

Now, in response to this wicked assault and the fact the people of this town are far past their threshold of patience for the abuse they have had to endure due to all the refugees taking over their town and their culture…

The citizens are forming their own source of protection. They have decided if their own government will not only DISREGARD their pleas for help but continue to make the situation worse through by-passing any vetting regulations and allowing these kind of monsters to enter their homelands…well then, they are going to take matters into their own hands.

They are determined for justice to be served and mercy to be regulated. They are seeking RETRIBUTION!

The details of this woman’s story are very alarming. She had her night out with her girls and was hailing a cab to get home…the last memory she has of that night, is waving down that cab.

Next thing she knew, she woke-up bloodied and beaten in a strange home.

In steps the Sunderland Defense Team. The group of citizens I told you about earlier.

They are made of the town’s citizens who are SICK of the abuse and organized a 6 day long protest in the city where this woman was wrongfully treated and attacked by gang rape.

The protest, turned violent.

The windows of the home the woman woke up in that dreadful morning were smashed in, and the League of angry citizens collided with a counter protest made up of people from the Muslim community.

REALLY MAN!? What could these Muslim people possibly be protesting? Their right to rape and beat unsuspecting women, and leaving them in a pool of their own blood the next morning to find their way home? Do they expect Mothers to just go home, and carry on taking care of their children like nothing ever happened?

The government is doing nothing to prevent these attacks as far as the league is concerned, at least not enough to stop the monsters from attacking.

So … their patience has run over.

The word ‘tolerant’ is purely going to add gas to the fire. What human in their right mind will stand-by and watch their people be tortured, drugged, and raped like they were animals for the taking?

…and this is what Obama, Hillary and the likes of them are asking us to be ‘tolerant’ of?

They can go slap themselves, then go set-up fort in some refugee camp somewhere and see how long they can be tolerant for.

Not all Muslims are monsters.

But think about it for just a minute. We are talking about people from the UK here. The most liberal, most ‘tolerant’ people that exist… and THEY are losing their minds over what is happening over there.

That says a lot.

So Obama can take his ‘tolerance’ and shove it. If government refuses to do it’s job and protect the people, the people have a God given right to do it for them.

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