Mob Of Afghans Attack new Arrivals At Over-Crowded Lesbos Refugee Camp


via BREAKING911: Violence has erupted at an over-crowded refugee camp in Lesbos today as dozens of new arrivals were attacked by a mob of Afghans.

The UN refugee agency said it had registered a clear ‘spike in arrivals’ that left some 27,500 packed on Greek islands by Tuesday morning.

A high-ranking Greek police official told AFP that of the 8,000 people who landed in Greece on Monday, 5,000 crowded onto the already overwhelmed island of Lesbos.

Newly-arrived migrants were waiting to be processed at the increasingly overwhelmed Moria camp when tempers flared.

Sticks were used as weapons and punches thrown as thousands continued to arrive in makeshift rafts and boats to flee conflict in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries.

The Greek police official suggested the hike was ‘due especially to milder weather, which makes the journey easier, and to the serious concern among refugees about the ongoing closure of borders in Europe.’







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