Mob of Black Lives Thugs See a Trump Supporter’s Car, Then Absolutely DESTROY IT! (VIDEO)


A video has gone viral of a bunch of Black Lives Matter thugs viciously trashing a Trump supporter’s car. They just destroyed it. Joey Salads, of YouTube fame, set out to do a social experiment where he would leave a car in a predominately black neighborhood with Trump stickers all over it and Trump articles inside it… he wanted to see what would happen and how long it would take for someone to attack it.

Not very long… about thirty minutes or so. Some thug with pants falling off, sauntered up to the car while on his phone and proceeded to try and get in the car. He finally did briefly and then got out and walked away. Within fifteen minutes, he returned with four other thugs and they went to town on that car.

No word on what city this was in and for some reason, Salads hid the faces of the perpetrators. They ripped off stickers. Destroyed the stuff inside and then took rocks to the windows, busting them out. They only scattered when they thought someone was coming. Both the dirt bags who did this and other people leaning out of windows were yelling, “F*ck Trump!” The hate was gleeful and palpable.

From RealClear Politics:

YouTube personality Joey Salads left a car laden with Trump paraphernalia in a parking lot of a “black neighborhood” and let a video camera capture what happened next. It took 30 minutes, according to the YouTube video, for locals to ravage and loot the car. The YouTuber did not identify what city his ‘social experiment’ took place in.

Joey Salads said bystanders did nothing to stop the group instead opting to cheer them on with ‘F*ck Trump’ chants.

JOEY SALADS: As you can see from this video, the black community is very violent towards Trump and his supporters. As I was filming this video, there were people shouting out their windows, ‘F*** Trump.’ After filming I talked to some of the spectators who are black, who said that they did low-key support Trump, but they were afraid of the backlash from their community.

Salads talked to other black people who watched the event and a number of them quietly said they support Trump, but they were afraid of coming forward. The left has these people brainwashed into thinking Hillary supports them… she doesn’t. She’s a stone cold racist and is their worst enemy.

This whole affair follows another where a Clinton supporter vandalized 20 cars with spray paint at a Trump rally in Bangor, Maine. As is almost always the case, Leftists are the ones being violent and destructive here, not Trump supporters.

Frankly, I think more violence will ensue before the election is over. The Clinton Machine has teams that infiltrate Trump rallies etc. to cause chaos and unrest. This is the true face of the Left and Black Lives Matter and it isn’t pretty.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.