Mob of Black Teens Storm Apple Store And STEAL $13,000 In Merchandise (VIDEO)

Could you imagine what it would be like to be a teen growing up in a world where shooting cops and looting is glorified and encouraged by groups like Black lives Matter. With dozens of protests and video of people telling everyone to just shoot cops. And a prominent BLM leader, DeRay McKesson, who had been hired by Yale University to explain the culture of Black Lives Matter. McKesson adamantly defends looting saying that it’s an acceptable form of protest. Yes, kids are being taught to take what’s NOT theirs from iPhones to lives by society’s ‘leaders’.

Millennials aren’t being taught the 10 Commandments like the generations before them. Instead they are being taught to be confident (without ever having achieved anything), assertive (though they’ve done nothing to earn authority over anything) and entitled (even if they haven’t done anything to deserve whatever it is they think they should have). These attitudes are unfathomable to non-millennials because if we were caught having any of these attitudes we would either get a whooping or get our block knocked off. Millennials believe that just because they ARE, they CAN and SHOULD and DESERVE everything and anything.

So does it surprise me that the Natick Police Department in Maine posted a video of 7 teens who ‘flash mobbed‘ an Apple store and left with thousands of dollars of merchandise? Not really. Most of the teens were black but they were about equally male and female. This video put out by the police department is a compilation of various footage throughout the mall of the teens walking into the mall, then into the store and then right back out of the mall. The one thing they all have in common other than being Millennials, is they are all wearing hoodies. Police officers are trying to identify these suspects who think they deserve an iPhone without doing anything to earn it. Check out the video here of these thugs robbing Apple of over $13,000 in merchandise:

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