Mom Of Girlfriend Who Says Castile Was Innocent Drops BOMBSHELL Claim

If you were sitting next to someone who was shot and bleeding to death, how calm could you be? Could you be as calm as Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds when she sat next to Philando Castile as he was shot for not complying with police? Would you broadcast live on Facebook to show the world your story because your a narcissistic hood-rat twit? Or would you cater to your so-called significant other who’s bleeding out in your passenger seat while there’s a child in the back seat and you’re busy getting “likes” on social media?

If anyone had any doubt to the character of Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, whose name resembles that of an amateur stripper in a low quality gentleman’s club, then you won’t be surprised to hear what Lavish’s own mother said about her.

Conservative Tribune – Her mother, Dafina Doty, seemed to offer her own theory, and it’s not terribly complimentary of Reynolds: “Diamond is a narcissistic Facebook, Twitter, Snapchatjunkie.”

Oh no she didn’t!!


There you have it folks. Poor Philando Castile, shot by a police officer for non-compliance, and his loser girlfriend was too busy hoarding Facebook “likes” to care about him. Let’s not even bring up the fact that they smoke marijuana in the car with a little kid getting high in the back seat. Should we keep going with the smoking cigarettes and drinking Hennessy while she’s pregnant?

When your own mother, who is an older woman with a pierced tongue, calls you out for being a scoundrel, then you have lost all credibility. Not that she really had any to begin with, but now we have solid evidence that our initial opinion of Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds is true.

She’s a loser and her mother probably despises her existence. Her Mother may wish she aborted Diamond. Maybe her mother doesn’t like her at all considering she gave her child a rotten stripper name. Who names their kid “diamond” and thinks it’s appropriate? No child should be in pre school with a stripper name.

diamond reynolds

Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds was recently interviewed on one of the worst television shows ever made. That show called The View, have you heard of it? It’s a dialect between ridiculous illogical nonsense and liberal lunacy. Nothing on the show has any merit, but somehow it’s still on the air. I believe the show lasted this long because it’s accidentally played in doctors office waiting rooms which are often empty.

After looking into Diamond Reynold’s a bit more, and hearing what her tongue pierced mother had to say, I almost feel bad for Philando Castile.

He was dating a nasty train wreck social media junkie who rather gather “likes” then help her boyfriend as he bleeds to death in a car in front of her child.

Her child deserves a real mother, and Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds is like the drunken pot smoking version of Casey Anthony.

I hope her child gets taken away from her.

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