Mom Helped Illegal Relative Hide In Her North Carolina House – Teen Pays Price 50 Times Over For It

A young girl was being repeatedly raped by a much older man, most likely an illegal immigrant. He was finally sentenced to 18 years in prison, but her nightmare keeps going. She is NOW facing the worst part of the torture. The rapist impregnated her and she had his child.

The rapist was most likely hidden in the house with the victim, thanks to the illegal immigrant mother who probably didn’t want to get caught herself. The victim cried out for help so many times, but it fell upon deaf ears every single time. I believe the mother didn’t want to get deported, so she let her daughter get raped by a 61-year-old who knocked up her kid. The daughter was being tortured so bad that she once tried taking pills to commit suicide. No one would listen to her. That’s because no one wanted to get deported! This is one reason why you always listen to people when they cry for help and another reason why immigration laws need to be followed. If these people were legal citizens, then the mother may have gotten help. Instead, it was more important to the mother to let her daughter get raped.

Her grandchild was made by a rapist. Let that sink in while democrats beg for more illegal immigrants to come to America.

Pablo Gonzales Sanchez will spend at least 18 years in prison for molesting a young teenage girl an estimated 50 times. When the child told her mother and other members of her family that she was being hurt, her cries fell on deaf ears, Cleveland County Assistant District Attorney Beth Lari said in court Wednesday.

The child suffered by continually being subjected to her rapist. At one point she took pills in an attempt to end her life. She ultimately gave birth to a baby fathered by Sanchez.

Sanchez initially denied the accusations, telling investigators to get a DNA test. Two tests came back identifying Sanchez as the child’s father.

Pablo Gonzales Sanchez

The raper is going to prison for at least 18 years. The mother is going to prison for at least five. Hopefully, they’re deported after their prison sentence.

As for the girl who was raped, I hope our legal system fast tracks her to citizenship and helps her begin a new life away from the torture. Let’s teach her skills to be a great parent to her little immigrant rapist baby. Let’s also teach her skills to go into a trade that will help her provide a roof and food for her new family.

If she’s caught sending ONE RED CENT home to her mother in five years, then I would like to see her deported too.

The worst part about this? Her baby has the DNA of a rapist. How will the mother ever explain who the father is?

That man needs to be jailed for life. 18 years is not enough. Keep the mother locked up forever too. She failed her own child, that’s the biggest crime you can commit.

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