Mom of Paris Suicide Bomber Says he was just ‘Stressed’ and ‘did not Mean to Kill Anyone’


From Young Cons: The mother of one of the terrorists who ended his life via suicide bombing is apparently in complete and utter denial about her son’s motivation for attempted murder.

According to her, he was a good boy — isn’t that what they all say? — who was just under a lot of stress and wasn’t actually out to kill anyone.

Yeah. And I’m the Easter Bunny.

From BizPacReview:

Wearing a suicide vest, Ibrahim Abdeslam detonated the explosives outside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe Friday night, according to the Daily Mail — the location was near the scene of the Bataclan concert hall massacre.

Fortunately, Abdeslam was the only one killed, although a bystander was seriously injured.

Speaking to the media through a nephew, his mother insisted that her son “did not mean to kill anyone.”

“This was not his plan, that’s for sure,” she reportedly said in response to the failed attempt. “The fact that his suicide belt exploded without killing anyone says a lot.”

It may say that the belt went off prematurely, or that Abdeslam had an itchy trigger finger.

It may even imply that the terrorist, caught up in the excitement, forgot the most important aspect of being a suicide bomber — killing people other than yourself.

Abdeslam’s family said they saw him two days before the attacks and that they didn’t see any signs the man was planning an act of violence.

Look, I get it.

This man is this woman’s son, and no one wants to believe their child could grow up to be capable of such horrible acts of violence, but let’s not be foolish here.

It’s quite clear this dude was more than “stressed.” He was radicalized and absolutely believed in the ideology he held to. Someone wouldn’t kill themselves over something they didn’t believe was true.

Sorry to disappoint mama here, but her boy was a monster and it’s truly a miracle he foolishly took himself out before being able to kill those he was targeting.

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