Fox’s Monica Crowley Is Leaving Fox Forever After Getting Big News From Trump

Liberals and democrats who call Donald Trump a sexist are about to wet their pants.

Donald Trump just appointed another woman to a national security team that he’s assembling.

Monica Crowley, well known for criticizing Obama for not saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism” when the Muslims blow things up and cause chaos for no reason.

She also worked as a foreign policy assistant to President Richard Nixon. Her knowledge should help close gaps on foreign policy things that President elect, Donald Trump, may not have experience in.

Crowley will leave Fox News and prepare for her next four years serving with Donald Trump and his very interesting cabinet. It’s not so much that she’s leaving, it’s more so that Fox terminated her contract upon hearing Trump’s news to appoint Crowley.

Crowley and other members of Trump’s appointment will face adversity from the raging leftists who can’t accept a defeat and work in unison with their new commander in chief.

If the leftists could concede with dignity, then work together with the right wing politicians, then perhaps there’s true progress to be made. Unfortunately, people like Monica Crowley will face the challenge of dueling with the left who can’t believe Hillary lost.

It’s an uphill battle that will certainly level out in due time. People will see that America’s core values are of Trump’s best interests.


Conservative 101 – Monica Crowley has been a great addition to Fox News, but now after speaking with Trump, it appears she is moving on to bigger and better things. She is going to serve as deputy national security adviser in his administration. Upon hearing the news, Fox terminated her contract.

“I am deeply honored, humbled and grateful to be asked by the President-elect to join the extraordinary national security team he is assembling,” said Crowley.

“With vision, courage and moral clarity, he is committed fully to re-establishing America’s singular place in the world. He is also committed to selecting the best people for the jobs of keeping the American people safe and the country secure. It will be a great privilege to serve with them,” she said.

In the past, Monica Crowley has criticized Obama for his inability to say the world “radical Islamic terrorism”. It looks like now she will be able to make a big difference.

Crowley began her political career as a foreign policy assistant to Richard Nixon. She has criticized Obama and especially Hillary in this election.

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