Montel Williams Just Dropped The Hammer on Thugs Who Tortured White Trump Supporter!

Would you believe that there are actually believe defending the four thugs who kidnapped a special needs white child to torture him over the course of two days?

The Chicago police tried to downplay the torture carried out by these adults as kids just being kids. CNN’s Don Lemon stated that he didn’t believe the acts were “evil,” and CNN’s Symone Sanders questioned whether or not the attack met the criteria qualified as a “hate crime.” FYI, had she bothered to watch the video, she would’ve heard the attackers shouting “f*** white people!” and “f*** Donald Trump!”

Gazi Kodzo, aka Black Hitler’s commentary was just as insane as you’d expect.


Yes – it’s okay because this kid may have had a relative somewhere back in his family history 500 years ago who may have done something bad once! Pure insanity.

Luckily, the overwhelming majority of commentary on the story HAS been sane, with Black Lives Matter denouncing the attack. That’s huge, considering that their supporters can kill police officers without them making a peep.

Among the latest to drop the hammer on those four thugs is Montel Williams, who is hardly a Republican. As Rare reported:

TV personality and Navy and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Montel Williams took to Facebook on Thursday to condemn the perpetrators behind the Facebook Live torture video broadcasted Wednesday.

Williams said that the discussion of this as a hate crime is a distraction and that the video is “bigger than racism” and “bigger than politics.”

He said in all caps, “THIS IS THE COLD BLOODED TORTURE OF AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING” and recommended life in prison without parole.

“I’m not interested in whether these kids had a tough life, whether their parents loved them enough, I don’t care,” he wrote.


Justice has prevailed thus far, and the four attackers have been charged with hate crimes.

What do you think the sentence for these four should be? Having watched their disgusting video in its entirety, I’m hoping the judge makes an example out of them.

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