MOOCH: Sends Americans Into RAGE As She Complains About The Tough Job She Has… Oh The Jetlag!


That’s right, Americans don’t like a whiny pos who’s never been proud of her country. Life is so tough, being the first lady, oh woe is me. Shut the hell up, lady, your husband’s crap policies have caused millions to have it way tougher than they should. Americans will always remember the division & hardship you & your ilk have caused them.

Michelle Obama tells a group of students that traveling is her favorite part of being First Lady, even though it can be “tiring.” – Americans weep for her – Not

“Sometimes travel is hard, but I’ve been able to see the world, right?” she said during an event with Children for “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day” at the White House.

She pointed out that she was traveling to London on Friday to have lunch with the Queen of England in Windsor Castle, something that was “pretty cool.”

She also cited meeting two different popes as something special.

“I got to meet the Pope twice — two Popes,” she said, referring to her meetings with Pope Francis and Pope Benedict.

But there were downsides to globetrotting, she said, particularly when you had responsibilities as First Lady.

“But sometimes it gets tiring because you’re, like, in another part of the world,” she said, pointing out that sometimes it was difficult to get up and work in spite of jetlag. “But it’s been fun to be able to see a lot of parts of the world.”

Via Breitbart

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