From the Daily Caller: First Lady and school nutrition advocate Michelle Obama’s stringent lunch guidelines are limiting children to just one ketchup packet per meal.

A recent article profiled unhappy Idaho customers of the Obama administration’s revisions to the National School Lunch program, including a parent who called school lunches “not edible” and kids who have stopped eating lunch completely.

“Kids can’t take two ketchup packets [for burgers] because that would set them over on calories,” said a Burley, Idaho “district food-service secretary.”

So, the kids get one ketchup packet.

It may be time for the liberal media to offer Ronald Reagan an apology. For what? For whipping up impeachment buzz over sending arms to Iran to rescue American hostages and then later deciding that Iran wasn’t really all that dangerous after Obama let them keep having nuclear power plants? No. For demonizing Reaganomics? For mocking his proposed Star Wars missile defense program? No.

The Left for years mocked Reagan because his Department of Agriculture classified ketchup as a school lunch vegetable during a period of budget cuts.


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