Mosque Of Orlando Jihadi Demands Security, Police Hit Them With Perfect Response

The Muslim mosque that the Orlando shooter attended is now making police complaints over purported islamaphobia. They told the sherriff’s office about all these alleged hate crimes asking for police security at the mosque in order to feel safer. The police department gave a perfect response to these looney’s.

At this time we have received no indication of safety concerns related to retaliation. At the time of the request, we were unable to provide sufficient personnel to grant the request due to other contractual obligations.”

The Islamic Center for Fort Peirce has noted numerous alleged instances of islamaphobia in which they reported they feared for their lives according to Think Progress. Oddly enough this is the same hate monger church that gay bashed and encouraged the Orlando shooters homophobia.

Wilfredo Ruiz said,

Incidents started to happen — people started to drive by and shout racial slurs. And last Friday, when worshippers were exiting their services during the rain, cars were driving by splashing them. These people do feel very insecure, and legitimately afraid for their safety.”

Apparently the mosque goers felt the need to waste taxpayer money. The mosque went to the county sheriffs office to get a security detail for protection of the worshippers from reported offensive remarks and “rogue puddles.” The entitled Muslim’s didn’t get their way.

The sherriff’s office reported that security detail requests depend solely on staffing levels. Which they are unable to provide because of the aftermath of the Orlando, Florida shooting.

As a writer from Young Conservstive said,

In other words, the police would love to help, but you keep producing terrorists, which is a much more important detail requiring their full attention than your concern over hatred for producing said terrorists.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Let these entitled Muslims fend for themselves.

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