Mosque Says Brutally Beaten Muslim Teens Are Hate Crime Victims. Here’s Why Police Say Hell No!

If America was as racist and horrible as liberals made it out to be, you have to wonder why they keep having to manufacture hate crimes.

Among one of the progressive buzzwords floating around again is “Islamophobia.” Those using it seriously believe that merely acknowledging that Islamic terrorism is Islamic is unacceptable because it’ll lead people to harming Muslims. This is despite the reality, that there are 10 times as many hate crimes against Jews than Muslims in America.

And that’s why liberals have to manufacturing hate crimes. Consider the latest example, courtesy of The Blaze.

A Brooklyn mosque said a pair of Muslim teenagers are victims of a hate crime after they were brutally beaten early Sunday morning outside the mosque after prayer services there — but police aren’t investigating the incident as a hate crime, WABC-TV reported.

After the teens left prayer services at the Muslim Community Center in Sunset Park, they saw a running vehicle parked in front and were looking at it when the attacker came at them from behind, the station said. Surveillance video shows it was just after 1 a.m. when the suspect repeatedly punched and kicked the teens in the street, the station said, adding that one victim suffered a concussion.

Image source: WABC-TV

A mosque spokesman told WABC the attacker yelled “you effing terrorists!” The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — which called for a bias probe — noted on its Facebook page that the attacker said, “You Muslims are the cause of all the problems in the world,” the New York Daily News reported.

But police told the paper that the 16-year-olds were hitting on a woman inside the vehicle, tried to open the woman’s door and attempted to poke their heads inside. Sgt. Brendan Ryan added to the Daily News that things went on for over half an hour when the woman’s boyfriend emerged and attacked the teens.

“The hate crimes unit investigated it and determined that this incident is not a hate crime,” Ryan told the paper, adding that the alleged assault is still under investigation and that police are looking for the suspect. Police told WABC they know where the suspect lives in the neighborhood.

Real nice.

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