Mother of Armed Black Thug Who Was Killed Just THREW Gasoline on The Race Riot FIRE!

Milwaukee is burning, and for no reason whatsoever.

Black Lives Matter isn’t rioting out of their usual playbook, claiming to be protesting police brutality or racism – and how could they? How is it a case of police brutality, when a likely gang member was killed after being told to put down a stolen firearm? By the way, in the robbery where the shooting victim, 23 year old Sylville Smith, obtained the firearm in a theft where he also stole 500 rounds of ammunition. His death likely saved countless other lives in his communities (though I think we all know that because the people Smith would’ve killed weren’t killed by police, nobody would’ve cared).

BLM also couldn’t claim this to be a case of racism on behalf of police

His family members aren’t helping either. Smith’s brother blamed the riots on the police, because apparently burning your own community to the ground is sticking it to “the man,” and his cousin, who also blames the police, was likely a member of the bloods. Now, the mother is tossing gasoline on the fire.

Via BizPacReview

The mother of the man shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer Saturday has been told little about the death of her son and she kept her message to the press real simple.

Looking past her thug son’s actions Saturday when confronted by police and his criminal background, Mildred Haynes‘ only focus Sunday was that an officer killed her son, Sylville Smith.

“My son is gone due to the police killing my son,” Haynes told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I am lost.”

Haynes told the Journal Sentinel she doesn’t think her son would pull a weapon on police and said he does not have a felony record. The newspaper said court records show he has one prior misdemeanor conviction for carrying a concealed weapon and that the rest of the arrests did not result in charges or were dismissed.
These riots should serve as a reminder: Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about police brutality, or alleged police racism. That issue is nothing but a trojan horse for them to enter the public dialogue.
Look at their list of over 100 demands, and you’ll find that almost none of them have to do with police violence – but you will find a list of socialist, utopian demands. They’re just looking for attention, and they’re exploiting the deaths of black men for it.

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