Mother Creates EPIC Video After Seeing Common Core Assignment On Islam (VIDEO)


Parents in a North Carolina school district are fuming after their children were given a controversial Common Core assignment involving Islam that sounded more like the school was trying to recruit students than it did actually teach them anything.

Todd Starnes of Fox News reports that seniors at Farmville High Central School were given a vocabulary lesson in English class that promoted the prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith, creating quite the stir in the small North Carolina town.

“It really caught me off guard,” a student who was in the class told Starnes. “If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school – how is this appropriate?”

That’s a good question, especially considering the war on Christianity that’s been waged by militant atheists in an attempt to remove anything Christian-related from the public square, particularly schools. Similar stories have been surfacing more frequently in recent months as parents and students alike are keeping more of a watchful eye.

“In the following exercises, you will have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary by reading about Muhammad and the Islamic word,” the worksheet read.

Mother Creates EPIC Video After Seeing Common Core Assignment On Islam

The lesson was centered around using words like astute, conducive, mosque, pastoral, and erratic to complete sentences about the Islamic faith, which students thought was rather strange.

Mother Creates EPIC Video After Seeing Common Core Assignment On Islam

“I was reading it and it caught me off guard,” the student said to Starnes. “I just looked at it and knew something was not right – so I emailed the pages to my mom.”

According to Fox:

“The zenith of any Muslim’s life is a trip to Mecca,” one sentence read. For “erratic,” the lesson included this statement: “The responses to Muhammad’s teachings were at first erratic. Some people responded favorably, while other resisted his claim that ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammad his Prophet.”

It’s understandable why people wouldn’t want such a lesson taught to their children. Muslim extremism aside, if schools can’t speak about Christianity in such a positive light, then why is it allowed for Islam?

One mother was especially outraged at the lesson, and created a video to warn other parents about what’s being taught in our schools, according to QPolitical. Dianne Lynne Savage made a 15-minute recording in which she describes the lesson in detail, then explains why she believes the teachings are so far out of line with what should be taught in schools.

When Starnes reached out to the school for comment, a spokesman defended the lesson and said it came from a state-adopted workbook and “met the Common Core standards” for English. Not surprisingly, when he asked them for similar worksheets that promoted the Jewish, Hindu, and Christian faiths, they were unable to provide them. He also asked the school when they planned on teaching the students those lessons in order to balance the curriculum but hasn’t received a response.

The student that spoke with Starnes told him that so far the school hasn’t taught them about any other religions. Why does that not surprise me?

While it’s hard to speak exactly to the motives of whoever created this lesson plan, one thing remains clear – if Christian-based lessons aren’t allowed in schools, then there’s no way something like this should be taught either.

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