Mother DROWNS Her Babies in Bath, Hides Bodies Under Neighbors House—Their Black Lives Did Not Matter

Two young children were sadly found dead on Sunday at a nearby neighbors house after their mother reportedly told someone she had drowned them to death in the bathtub. The mother is 30 year old Sheborah Thomas. She has been charged with capital murder.

The two deceased kids are seven year old RayRay and five year old Kayana said Kese Smith if the Houston Police Department. Authorities have yet to confirm the actual cause of death. The mother is still being interviewed to determine motive. She was turned into police custody by a gentleman friend who found her throwing trash in a field. When he asked where the kids were she allegedly said she killed them.

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At first he thought she was joking but quickly found out it was the truth. He brought her to the police station shortly thereafter. She allegedly tried burying them and when that didn’t work she put them under a neighbors home.

The woman has no previous record other than minor offenses. Neighbors had nothing but good things to say about her. Neighbors who spoke to reporters were shocked and horrified at the news. None of them understood her motive and found the behavior shocking. While others expressed disgust at her criminal actions.

Crimes like these are a tragedy and show the true evil that exists in humanity. Only someone who doesn’t have their wits about them or is completely psychotic would kill anybody let alone their own children. It is absolutely tragic and disgusting. Hopefully she is found guilty and sent to prison or deemed mentally insane and sent to an insane asylum for the rest of her life so she does not destroy anymore lives than she already has.

These black lives matter but we don’t here anyone yelling in the streets about it.

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