Motivational Wounded Veteran Brian Kolfage Handed an Anonymous Note at ATL and What it Contained May Surprise You

Brian Kolfage and family ©2015

EXCLUSIVE: On Sunday April 26th, motivational wounded warrior and triple amputee Brian Kolfage was returning home from a charity event in Columbia Mo. His family had a layover in Atlanta so they headed for the Delta Sky Lounge to get some much-needed R&R.

Hours later at they left they were approached not once but twice, by everyday Americans who wanted to share their gratitude.

On their way out, as they headed for the elevator a man came up and shook Brian’s hand, slipping him a something that felt like paper, and then man said “take your family out to dinner on me, thank you for your service”.

The man thanked him for his support and Brian tried to give whatever it was back, but the man backed away, and said thank you. Brian said he didn’t look at what it was and just slipped it into his pocket, but assumed it was some spare cash that the man had.

Brian Kolfage and family ©2015
Brian Kolfage and family ©2015

As Brian Kolfage and his family exited the elevator and walked out of the ATL Delta Sky Lounge and into the main concourse, a Delta employee ran over to him and his family and said “here take this, a man at the bar told me to give this to you.”

Brian told the Delta employee to thank the unknown man for whatever it contained. Brian stated that he slipped the folded up letter into his pocket and they continued on their way across the airport heading to their gate.

Upon arriving at their gate 15 minutes later, Brian Kolfage reached into his pocket to get their tickets out and with it came the two gifts from the anonymous strangers.

“As I pulled my airline tickets out, I noticed multiple $100 bills coming out of my pocket, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe this guy just handed me $500 and I didn’t even know him nor realize what he had given me. I figured it was $50, and then I pulled out the folded up note from the other person and read it…”

Here’s a photo of the note Brian Kolfage gave to us:

unnamed (18)

It said:

You have a beautiful family- Just wanted you to know… I … We… appreciate your service and sacrifice. Have a nice trip. Dinner on me! Thanks again.
GC 10th MTN Division yr 2000

Brian describes the contents of the letter bellow:

“Included in this note was another $100 bill, I could not believe it, I had two strangers in a matter of seconds who had no idea who I was give me gifts that not only I didn’t need but they were very generous as well.”

In a time when our military and law enforcement are being vilified by radicals, it’s great to hear stories like this one that Brian Kolfage shared with us. There are plenty of good Americans out there who support our military and do very generous things like this.

Brian said that he returns the favors by doing the same thing to other veterans and their families, paying it forward and helping others in need.

Please share this story so others can have a little faith in our civilization during these tough and divided times.

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