Over the last several weeks, we have all heard stories of police brutality, violence, and the perceived notion that all law enforcement officers are racists. There have been protests, debates, and a city lies in shambles in the wake of the grand jury’s decision to not indict an officer. With all of this taking place, wouldn’t it be nice to hear about some awesome cops doing an awesome job in their community?

Well, here is such a story.  In Lowell, Michigan, unsuspecting motorists were pulled over by Officer Scot VanSolkema, believing they were about to get a ticket. However, it was all a rouse to find out what their Christmas wishes were.

The whole event was carefully implemented by having Officer VanSolkema wear a hidden microphone and find out what the person was wishing for this holiday season. After hearing what the person wanted for Christmas, his co-workers on the receiving end of the microphone would race through a nearby store, grab up the gifts, and deliver them back to the very surprised driver.

Det. Gordy Lauren, who has worked seven years at the Lowell Police Department, said this:

“The majority of the time that we have contact with people, it’s either on a traffic stop or at one of the lowest points of their life,” he added. “It was a great opportunity for our officers to get out there and have a very, very positive encounter with them that these people will never forget, for the rest of their lives.”

According to Today, the video represents the creative collaboration of the Lowell Police Department, videographer Rob Bliss, and the UP TV network. The event was taped on November 19 and 20th as part of a campaign named Uplift Someone. Lori Hall, UP’s vice president of consumer marketing, states the goal was to create a video showing people doing good deeds. She explained, “We wanted to do something that basically encouraged people to uplift someone, no matter how big or small.”

Also, everyone can breathe easy knowing that taxpayers did not foot the bill for the gifts. The UP sponsored project paid for the purchases that totaled between $7,000 to $10,000 of merchandise.

Every day, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to serve and protect us all. Granted, there are those that make mistakes or are not as upstanding as others in the field, but that does not destroy the whole lot of them. This video captured moments where we are able to see genuine kindness and giving to others during these crazy days. Help uplift someone by sharing this story and bring a smile to the face of others as they see some good in the world this Christmas season.


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