MS-13 graffiti Threat: ‘Cop will be killed on New Year’s night’


Using a gas station bathroom when you really have to is one thing, using it to leave a threatening note for police is another.

With threats to police all over the nation by cowardly thugs who look to create environment of fear, the police department in Rogers, Ark., found graffiti on a wall at a gas station that promised violent acts against them on New Year’s Eve.

OriginalPhoto Credit / KNWA

This note was written on a bathroom stall at Kum-and-Go gas station. With assassination attempts on police over the last 48 hours in Tampa, FL; Los Angeles, CA and Durham, NC; Rogers police are taking this seriously.

Rogers police Officer Keith Foster told , “Threats against law enforcement are nothing new. There have been threats against the police from the beginning. I am sure there will continue to be threats against the police in the future. It goes with the territory.”

He added that the department would be on alert, but would not alter how they do their jobs.

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