MSNBC Made a Fatal Error When They Tried To Rough-up Mike Pence, He Knocked Them The Hell OUT! (VIDEO)

Mike Pence may be tame in comparison to Donald Trump – but so are most people. We’ve seen the media at it’s worst this election, and most “journalists” are in need of a smackdown.

Take the Washington Post as an example, which today published an article in which they stated “For 16 months, Washington Post columnists and contributors have been making the case against Donald Trump.” This election the media isn’t even pretending to be unbiased – they’re admitting that what they’re doing is advocacy journalism.

And it certain;y shows in the coverage. A Trump scandal involving nothing more than something mean he said will get ten times the media attention as a Hillary scandal meriting yet another FBI investigation. Seriously – this is the only time in history we have a Presidential candidate under two separate FBI investigations, and Trump is the bad guy? Please.

The latest case of media bias came from MSNBC (shocker, right?), when Pence appeared on Chris Matthews’ show and got into a debate over Hillary’s emails.

As Joe For America reported:

Hillary Clinton is regretting having classified status. At least she should be (see Even Liberal MSNBC: ‘Hillary Should Lose Classified Status…’ and BREAKING: Clinton Email Investigation REOPENED…Because Anthony Weiner?!). But what if you and I, or anyone not named Clinton, did the exact same thing? That thing being mishandling said classified information. Some of which might wind up on a Weiner device. We’d be court-martialed.

As would the Vice Presidential candidates sons, both having served in the Marines…

““Well, it certainly is a disqualifier for me but every voter in this country will make that decision, but it really is remarkable, as I said in our vice presidential debate, if either–either my son or Tim Kaine’s son, both of whom are serving our country as Marines, mishandled classified information the way Hillary Clinton, did they’d be at least court-martialed.”


She hasn’t gotten the justice she deserved – but President Trump is going to change that. Let’s end her career in politics forever next Tuesday, and elect Donald Trump.


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