(Newsbusters) It was one thing for Joe Scarborough to make the case for Mitt Romney, arguing that these frightening times demand the kind of competence Romney offers.   But on today’s Morning Joe, it was stunning to hear a New York Dem like Donny Deutsch say something very similar. According to the ad man:

“There is a psychological reason to go to Mitt Romney, and that is: wow!  We kind of made a mistake four years ago [sic: it was a little less than two].We get to do a do-over. He was right about Syria, he was right about a lot of things.”

Deutsch might have simply been trying to explain the thought process of voters, but he seemed to be also expressing his own feelings. Deutsch and Scarborough were seeking to explain the most recent Iowa GOP caucus poll numbers from Iowa, showing Romney well out in front of field.

For his part, Scarborough argued that in these frightening times–taking shots at Bill Clinton and Barack Obama–we can’t afford to elect presidents based their ability to play saxophone on Arsenio Hall or offer hope and change. “We need competence . . . and Mitt Romney is competent,” said Scarborough.

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