WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Gets Sick of Lying For Clinton, GOES OFF On Live TV

The media is in the tank for Hillary, but defending her must get exhausting. Hillary’s scandals stretch back decades, but we could ignore those entirely and there are enough current scandals to be aware of.

She can’t escape Federal investigation for even a month. After a lengthy investigation into her use of a private email server (which exposed a number of the lies she gave in defense along the way), another FBI probe was opened, this one into the Clinton Foundation.

The latest scandal is in regards to her health. Sparked by a single picture posted on the Drudge Report months ago appearing to show her needing help from Secret Service agents up a flight of stairs. So-called “conspiracies” began to swirl surrounding the state of her health, but she denied that there were any problems entirely.

Then she collapsed on September 11th in 77 degree weather (who will run the country when it’s more than 78 degrees out?),  and it turned out she did in fact have health problems. She claimed to have been diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior to the fainting incident, raising questions of why that wasn’t disclosed to the public, why she continued campaigning despite the fact that it likely worsened her health, and why she exposed other people to her while she was sick with something contagious.

When all of Hillary’s lies become exposed eventually, it gets tough for the liberal media to defend her. When it comes to Hillary’s health, even MSNBC is getting frustrated.

As the Conservative Tribune reported:

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell criticized Democrat presidential Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday, claiming the former secretary of state has reinforced the “conspiracy theories” about her health by lying about it.

Mitchell appeared on the network’s “Morning Joe” program and said Clinton had a problem with undoing all the mainstream media’s efforts to present her in the best of health when she lies and leaves the press in the dark about her condition for hours.

“This was so botched. This was so mishandled.” Mitchell said, obviously annoyed.

“The whole issue of transparency and this only reinforces all of the conspiracy theories,” she continued. “I mean, we’ve all been trying to fact-check and pointing out that there’s nothing wrong with her.”

Mitchell said the campaign had an obligation to let the public in on what it knew. She said the campaign blatantly did not do this when last week they blamed Clinton’s persistent cough on seasonal allergies.

Even those in the media arm of the Democrat establishment are getting sick and tired of defending Hillary’s lies.

Knowing Hillary, when it comes to her health, we don’t even know the half of it. She’s lied about everything, how surprising would it be if she lied about having pneumonia as well? There’s a reason she hasn’t released her medical history, and that’s because there’s something in there she doesn’t want us to see.

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