Murdered Black Man’s Mother Asks Black Lives Matter 1 Mind-Blowing Question

There is no greater pain on this earth than a good parent who has lost their child long before their time. However, for their child’s life to be taken senselessly, it must be even more agony to bare. That is why when the Mother of a black boy who was shot in the head and killed, stood up before a crowd to speak, everyone listened.

It was a Los Angeles Police Department news conference where she was asked to speak, and she was glad to. However, when her words started to come together to form her message the crowd’s mood soon changed. In that crowd, there were Black Lives Matter Protesters, and their mood had changed, because they learned that the man who killed her Son, was also black.

All the sudden…not “all” black lives mattered. Just the ones that were killed by cops or white people.

Their patience grew thin. Why? Because that’s what happens to ignorant people that don’t care about the actual truth and only care about their pride.

This Mother however, showed real courage when she chose to continue on with her message. Then turned her full attention on the BLM protesters, and directly asked them ONE MIND-BLOWING QUESTION!

While addressing a crowd during an LAPD news conference on Tuesday, Demicha Lofton-Thomas asked a question that completely obliterates the BLM movement’s claim that black lives really do matter to them.

“I don’t preach ‘Black Lives Matter’ because, to me, black lives only matter to people when the law enforcement is involved,” she chastised. “It’s not just about law enforcement. All lives matter. It’s a black man that killed my kid. So, how can people preach ‘Black Lives Matter?’ I don’t believe in that. All lives matter.“

You see, her son, Gerrik Thomas was only 21 years old at his time of death. He was working hard in his studies to become a nurse. He never got to fulfill that dream, when on January 25 of this year, he was gunned down in cold blood by another black man.

Now his Mother is left with no reason for this senseless loss, and the murderer has never been brought to justice. When she looked out into the crowd of BLM protesters, she knew, that despite all their claims about black lives mattering, that to them, her son’s didn’t. They hadn’t even heard of his name before.

She also knew, that if Gerrik’s life was taken by a white man, or police officer…things would be different.

Gerrik’s black life was taken from him far too soon, why aren’t the Black Lives Matter activists rioting, looting, and demanding an eye-for-an-eye? His mother knows why, and she’s calling out the hypocrisy.

She ends her heart-breaking speech by adding, “I need justice for my kid,” something she has received no help to achieve from the BLM, Obama administration, or any other leftist advocates. In fact, the only help she’s received has been from the LAPD, who are still working to catch her son’s murderer.

However, Demicha is not ONLY calling out BLM on their hypocrisy, she is also openly calling on President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and their likes to DENOUNCE violence against blacks when it involves white or police officers.

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to murder, as we know, deserves justice for their loss. Demicha knows she is not going to get that justice from the left. In fact, it is the BLM movement that has actually muffled her cries for help with the black-on-black violence that took her Son’s life.

It’s sickening.

Black Lives Matter does nothing but destroy everything that lies in their path. In fact, Black Lives Matter is hardly a legit movement. They were created by WHITE liberal Americans who needed entitled black Americans to get more liberal names out there in the public’s view before voting day.

No member of BLM is worth anything to the people who created them, other than providing a bigger body count heading into the voting booths come November.

If Obama gets his way, they are also the ticket to federalizing policing. Taking power from the States and giving federal government the ultimate power.

A Democrat’s paradise.

I pray this Mother finds justice for her Son, and that she receives divine comfort, for that is the only kind of comfort that can heal a Mother who has lost their child.

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