Well, Well, Well, Look What Murdoch’s Daughter-in-Laws Were Just Caught Doing After O’Reilly Got Fired

Bill O’Reilly was destroyed when Fox News sent him up the creek without a paddle amid building amounts of sexual harassment accusations from multiple women. While some people claim his off-air personality matches the harassment accusations, I’m one of the people who wonder if a woman doesn’t know the difference between a guy being a sarcastic jerk and a real creeper. What was Bill? I don’t know.

What I do know, according to reports, is that Jame’s Murdoch’s wife sure seems like a liberal. She apparently works for the Clinton Climate Initiative.

For Fox News to fire Bill O’Reilly over accusations means there might be a liberal hiding in the dark who is throwing their opinion around hard enough for people to believe it and fire someone.

Is that Murdoch’s daughter-in-laws?

Not only was he the single most dominant public figure in America’s vast conservative media environment, his removal signals the growing power of James and Lachlan Murdoch in the world’s most powerful media empire, their father Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox.

O’Reilly was dismissed overnight following allegations of sexual harassment by at least six women. It has been reported that Lachlan’s wife Sarah Murdoch helped influence the decision. Last year the former Fox News creator, Roger Ailes, was sacked in similar circumstances, going on to advise Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Why would anyone listen to her? What was she doing in return for O’Reilly getting fired? What was her beef with him? Was SHE a victim of Bill’s alleged sexual harassment accusations? Did she have a special place of hate for him?

This is a guy who helped Fox News crush the American news ratings and put a foot on the neck of liberal based CNN and similar companies.

O’Reilly has been a towering figure in American politics and culture since Murdoch and Ailes began to build the conservative Fox News channel and its identity around him in 1996. His evening talk program, The O’Reilly Factor, was combative and trenchantly conservative, setting the tone for the entire channel, which soon came to dominate cable news and, in turn, the entire American news landscape. In January 2014, Fox News marked its 145th consecutive month as the No.1 rated cable news channel in the US. –Sydney Morning Herald

A figure well known and trusted. Even if people didn’t agree with Bill O’Reilly, they still watched to see what he would do next. When Fox News finally became the #1 ranked cable news channel in USA, there was a lot of that success because of Bill. And how is he repaid? What are the Murdoch girls up to?

For starters, one of them is a Clinton Climate Initiative employee. That smells like a conflict of interest waiting to happen if you ask me. Or did it already happen?

James Murdoch’s wife works for the Clinton Climate Initiative. She is an outspoken hater of President Trump on Twitter and much of her hate is directed at his refusal to accept that man-made climate warming cooling change is settled science. Here are a few examples of the hate she spews for Donald Trump on Twitter

How can you be in the Murdoch family and have this much hate for conservatives and republicans? The funny part is that she’s in a famous family who is probably super wealthy, and she stinks at Twitter. How many people are listening to her? Not that many. She’s preaching to an echo chamber. She’s spewing her hate to an empty room full of people who care. I’m not famous or in a famous family, but even I can generate a few more retweets than Kathryn Murdoch.

Murdoch’s support for Trump distinguishes him from some of his children, including James, who told more than one friend of his dismay that his father was backing the Trump candidacy. James’s wife, Kathryn, backed Hillary Clinton during the campaign and has been a vocal critic of the new president on Twitter. In September Kathryn tweeted: “A vote for Trump is a vote for climate catastrophe”, while on the night of the president’s stunning election victory she wrote: “I can’t believe this is happening. I am so ashamed.”
This is proof that Daddy knows best. Always listen to your father, he usually knows what’s best because he listened to his own father. Not only that, but men are sometimes better at making mistakes and learning from them. In this case, the Murdoch girls should’ve definitely been more like their father. How does James Murdoch wake up next to Kathryn every morning knowing she’s a Clinton crusader and Trump hater? I guess it’s no big deal. When your wife barely has any followers on Twitter, then it’s not like she’s making huge headlines anyway. At least not until now when she ends up at the business end of me typing.

Shall we Tweet this to her? There’s a good chance she’ll respond. No one else really talks to her on Twitter. Maybe we can be besties. Online only. I’m married, she’ll have to keep it professional of course.

James and Kathryn are committed environmentalists: she is on the board of the Environmental Defense Fund, which a Fox News report recently labelled a “leftwing group”, while James wrote in The Washington Post in 2009 that “conservation-minded conservatives” were “missing in the heated partisanship of today’s politics”. – Financial Times

Nothing wrong with loving your environment, but that doesn’t mean you’re qualified to chime in on things like Bill O’Reilly getting fired.

Keep talking about making the air smell great, but keep your nose out of other things that don’t exactly pertain to you or your career.

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