Muscle Bound Behemoth Picks Fight With Skinny Little… MMA FIGHTER! GETS DESTROYED!

Have you ever heard the phrase it is not about the size of the dog in the fight it is about the size of the fight in the dog? Well that old adage could never be more accurately put than in this situation. A video was posted online showing a muscle bound behemoth who tried calling out and picking on a skinny kid who looks like a mouse in comparison.

However, the skinny little kid ended up being a MMA fighter. I’m sure his bully did not know that before calling him out otherwise he probably would not have. The little kids beats the crap out of his body builder bully by kicking him over and over again. Once the huge bully starts calling enough and then decides to quit. But I am sure he is consoled by the fact that he knew he beat him.

Watch the fight here,

The video shows everyone in the background watching and cheering as the two go at it. Most of the video is not of them fighting but of waiting for the other to attack first. But as you can tell while watching the video the bigger kid does not get any punches in at all. Instead it is the little kid who kids several kicks to the face during the fight before other people hold him back and attempt to stop the fight. More likely they are attempting to stop him from beating the living crap out of the bigger kid.

It is somewhat embarrassing that this is what kids are doing now a days. They should be at home doing their homework or playing a sport. But instead they are in back alley parking lots getting into physical fights. On the positive side, at least this kid knows how to defend himself when being attacked.

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