After This Muslim Was Granted Asylum, He Just Showed Us EXACTLY Why We Need Trump’s Ban

Donald Trump’s decision to place a temporary immigration ban on seven terroristic hotbed countries was the right thing to do. Regardless of the disagreement from the far left. An incident took place that proves he was right to be worried about terrorists infiltrating the United States through refugee groups.

A Sudanese migrant named Salah Koubar was granted asylum and allowed into the United Kingdom. He is a Muslim refugee and he violently raped a female tourist. He was twenty years old and met a Korean woman at a nightclub. He proceeded to escort her to another location in London. However, they never made it to the location because he dragged her from the train station to the railing where he brutally raped her.

The victim stated,

I was wearing a short dress and thought I was looking attractive and pretty. After the attack I felt it was my fault as I was wearing a short dress. I do not feel pretty anymore. I now buy long skirts and dresses.”

Via the Express UK:

A SUDANESE sex attacker has been jailed for raping a tourist outside a train station after he was granted asylum to stay in the UK.

Salah Koubar, 20, threw the South Korean woman over the railings at West Dulwich Station and dragged her into the bushes to carry out his attack.

A passer-by later found the woman running along the platform wearing only a T-shirt and knickers in the early hours of the morning.

The court heard the victim had hoped to meet a friend on her last night in London before travelling home to South Korea.

Koubar met the woman at Freedom Bar in Soho, and promised to take her to another venue called VIP in Westminster.

Instead Koubar tricked the woman into taking a bus leaving central London.

The rapist took the woman’s phone away when she realised they were going in the wrong direction and ended up at West Dulwich Station where the attack began.

Prosecutor Warwick Tatford described how a passenger catching an early train heard the woman’s screams and saw her running along the platform.

Mr Tatford said: “The victim grabbed the passenger’s arm and tried to use him as a human shield against the defendant.

“He described the female as ‘shaking like a leaf and with tears in her eyes’.

A passenger catching an early train heard the woman's screams
A passenger catching an early train heard the woman’s screams

“He said she looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards – little did he know that’s pretty much what had happened.

“He said the defendant appeared calm – or ‘a bit too calm really’.”

When Koubar realised the witness was about to call the police he jumped on a train seconds before the doors closed.

Koubar, who came to the UK via France and was granted asylum in this country, was arrested two days after the attack on July 26.

Jailing Koubar for seven years, the judge Mr Recorder Timothy Greene said: “It was terrifying for her to be in a strange city not speaking the language.

Salah Koubar
Salah Koubar

There have been reports of Muslim men using sexual violence to enforce sharia law. This is a perfect example of that as the victim was attacked for wearing what was labeled as immodest clothing. Making it worse, she blames herself for wearing so called inappropriate clothing.

However, Sudan is one of the seven countries listed on the Presidents travel ban. Had the United Kingdom enforced a travel ban as the President had then they would have less violent crime. Especially since Sudan is known as a hotbed of terrorist activity. Showing that Trump’s ban could save lives.

But now federal judge James Robart lifted the ban by labeling it unconstitutional and proceeded to allow thousands of unvetted migrants to come into our country… which has placed all of our citizens at risk for another terrorist attack and more violent crime.

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