Muslim Beats Wife Yelling ‘She’s My Property’ In Front Of Cops..Then THIS Happens

From BuzzPo

Recent reports state a Winnipeg Muslim man, who allegedly physically assaulted his wife in front of police told the officers it was up to him to decide what to do with “his property,” is now fighting an order prohibiting him from having any contact with the victim- his wife.

“Even if her wish was to have contact with (the accused), the Crown would be strongly opposed to any variation of the bail,” Crown attorney Vuk Mitrovic told the court.

Mitrovic continued, claiming that even in the presence of officers of the law, the accused was “undeterred in committing an assault on his wife.” He also argued that the attitude demonstrated by the attacker “should cause the court grave concern about the safety and protection of the public.”

The man has since filed a motion to release himself of the condition, which has prohibited him from living with his wife and their nine children.

“I have been away from my home and my family,” the man told the court. “This is a problem according to my faith to be away from my family.”

The court leaned the family had fled their native Iraq for Syria, but ultimately arrived in Winnipeg last February.

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