Muslim Bites Into Cheese Roll, Gets “Evil” Surprise He’ll Never Forget

Shamrez Razaq went to his local grocery store in Bradford, England, to buy a bag of cheese-and-onion-stuffed rolls. The 20-year-old Muslim was shocked when he bit into one of them and found out there was pork inside.

“For centuries, my ancestors have not eaten pork — I can’t believe this has happened,” he told the U.K. Daily Mail. “We regularly buy the cheese pastries from there, so we never expected it to be pork. Why should we? It just shouldn’t happen.”

He went back to the store manager to complain and got even more upset when the store manager offered him a full refund and a few dollars for the hassle.

Bag of cheese and pork bites mislabeled

“The manager apologized and gave me a refund, a few more pounds than I’d paid, which felt like a payoff. I was really disappointed at the lack of customer service,” Razaq said. “It didn’t seem to sink in what the enormity of their mistake meant to us.

“It might have happened to other Muslim families as well as us who were misled by Morrisons into thinking they were buying non-pork. How can we trust them again?”

The situation proves how incompatible Islam is with American culture, and how Sharia law is destined to fail when operating alongside U.S. law.

Sharia law is the law of Islam that is intended to replace all other laws. Many Muslims expect Sharia to be allowed in their country of residence, including America.

The U.S. system of government sees damages as financial in nature, as courts are really only empowered to assign financial damages in civil court.

Shamrez’s problem with the situation is the lack of punishment for violating Sharia law, allowing a Muslim to eat pork. The only way that a Muslim would see a proper remedy for the violation would be to adhere to Sharia-style punishment.

Sharia allows for punishments such as chopping off a hand for burglary, and Muslims routinely push homosexuals off of buildings in punishment for their lifestyle.

If Allah were about love, and not control, then one would think Allah to be forgiving to the store owner in this situation.

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