DISTURBING Video Shows SICK New Thing Teen Muslim Boys Are Doing Now For Allah That The U.S. DOESN’T Need!

Despite the fact that the left wants you to believe Islam is a religion of peace that is nothing but a creation of fiction. This is why western civilization has been ravaged with terrorist attacks by radical Islamic terrorists. A new Youtube video shows you exactly why that sentiment is true!

A video was posted online of teenage boys who had pledged their allegiance to ISIS. The video shows them riding up to their “enemies” and then blowing themselves up. All the while they have smiles on their faces as if they are not just about to face their own sudden death.

The two boys are wearing combat gear and holding high caliber assault rifles. They appear to be from Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan. One of them gets into a car that is clearly rigged with explosives. The video shows them driving up to their “enemies” and then detonating the bombs.

For something like this to appear online and then for Democrats to feign horror when Republicans want to pass legislation that would prohibit animals like this from coming into our country is mind boggling. Of course we don’t want terrorists to come in.

Thus, the President signed an executive order that temporarily banned travel from eight predominantly Muslim countries that are terrorist hot beds. Yet dozens of other predominantly Muslim countries were not part of the order including India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey. It is not a Muslim ban.

This video shows exactly why we should have a properly planned and thought out policy for immigration that is staunch and harsh but fair. American lives are not worth risking for a radically progressive agenda that serves others but not our own safety.

Democrats should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. How many more Americans have to die before they get that two plus two equals four?

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