Muslim Brat Demands White Worker Give In To Her, Gets Priceless Response (VIDEO)

Sarah Zawjahtul AbdAllah Salaam is a Muslim American who decided to go shopping at a Gary, Indiana Family Dollar store. Prepare yourself for a Islamic supremacist story where someone thinks they are entitled to something because of their religion.

She entered the store fully dressed in a Muhammadanism costume and the store clerk proceeded to ask her to remove the pillow case looking outfit from her head. Since the store was in a high crime area and they had had many robberies they didn’t want their customers, or potential robbers to have the advantage of hiding behind their clothing.

The request was made purely for security reasons. So the woman decided to take out her camera recorder on her cell phone and video what happened because she felt she was being discriminated against.

In the video the clerk can be heard telling the Muslim woman,

Yes ma’am if you can’t remove that from your face I’m gonna have to have you leave the store.”

The woman replied,

This is a religious garment ma’am.”

The clerk responded,

“Yes I understand. But you have to understand that this is a high crime area {inaudible}. You need to remove that from your face or remove yourself. Remove it from your face or leave the store please.”

After the Muslim woman prods her for her name the manager responds that she is indeed the manager and asking her to leave the store. While the Muslim woman continues to ask what her name is to no response. She then proceeds to go on a political rampage abo why the manager is being unethical and continues to talk over he while the manager says, “have a blessed day.”

What do you think about the manager and Muslims woman’s actions in te store that day? Sound off on your opinion below.

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