Watch What These Entitled Muslim Brats Do To News Anchor Reporting Live On Swedish Terror Attack (VIDEO)

Muslim Islamic terrorism is a problem. That’s the truth. Sweden has been the latest country to deal with this major issue, and they continue to deal with it because they refuse to do anything about it. Not only that, but they give excuses for the Muslims that abuse, rape, and kill in their country, claiming that it is white culture and the west that have not been open and kind enough to them.

Yeah, I’m going to call bull crap on that. Sweden in actuality is getting what it deserves.

I know that is a harsh thing to say, but they hold all the power to take control of their borders, and their country, and their cities – yet continue to refuse to do so, and because of that unwillingness to defend themselves, the citizens suffer tremendously, and without reason, other than they refuse to call a spade, a spade.

Stockholm, Sweden was the scene of a horrific terrorist attack recently. The media in Sweden was out on the streets, trying to piece together what happened, and that’s when you spot it.

In the back, you can clearly see the Muslim’s kid, joking and mocking the murder of Swedes. He, along with many other Swedish Muslims were celebrating with joy, the murder, and maiming of innocent people.

The word has gone insane, allowing such acts to fester. For instance, this scumbag tweeting says he or she is part of a Turkish Justice and Development Party Youth Wing, and that he is an Amsterdam employee.

This is the garbage that the media refuses to report on. MILLIONS of Muslims are celebrating. MILLIONS. They are not in the ‘vast minority’. That is a lie.

Understanding that will help in the fight against radical psychopaths that murder children for the sake of their false ideals. When are we going to wake up?!

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