Look What Muslim Was Caught Doing To Brooklyn Bridge – Now Trump Has Shocking Announcement To U.S.

One of the men who tried to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge back in 2003 was just stripped of his citizenship rights in relations to the Al Qaddafi facilitated attack. Under the new Justice Department, officials filed a civil suit to strip Iyman Faris of his naturalization. Because after all when you try and commit a terrorist attack on our soil you don’t get to remain one of us.

He is previously a Pakistani native and he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for providing information and intelligence to the terrorist organization that caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Not only was his citizenship stripped because of his crimes but it came to the department’s attention that he lied during the process of trying to get citizenship.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler said the following in a statement released by the agency,

The Department’s Office of Immigration Litigation will continue to pursue denaturalization proceedings against known or suspected terrorists who procured their citizenship by fraud. The U.S. government is dedicated to strengthening the security of our nation and preventing the exploitation of our nation’s immigration system by those who would do harm to our country.”

It just goes to show you the severity of his crimes and lies because revoking citizenship is extremely rare even in these types of severe cases. But stripping citizenship is called for when people lie to the government when applying for citizenship initially as it says in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

When he was committed Faris admitted to traveling to the predominantly Muslim countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan back in 2000 to meet with terrorist Osama Bin Laden as well as other high profile terrorist leaders such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

In 2002 he began researching how blowtorches can be used to blow up the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. He was periodically sending updates back to Al Qaeda before finally telling them he couldn’t follow through with the plan because security was too tight.

He will be released in 2020. Animals like this are disgusting. He should be locked up and have the key thrown away. Better yet, throw him in the confines of jail. Inmates don’t take too kindly to terrorist criminals who try to kill Americans. What they would do to him in their would be the best punishment possible.

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