Muslim Brotherhood Activist Managed Clinton Email Address Used For Classified Emails

The Hillary Clinton email scandal continues to show its ugly head. It was recently found out that a longtime Hillary Clinton assistant who handled her private classified email server has ties to sharia law and the Muslim brotherhood. Which makes sense now why the Orlando shooter’s father was seen supporting Hillary Clinton at one of her recent speaking engagements.

The woman associated with Clinton Is Huma Abedin. She is the daughter of Saleha Mahmood Abedin. Whose a pro-Sharia sociologist that has ties to a plethora of radical Islamist organizations. Which includes the Muslim Brotherhood. She was a longtime assistant to Hillary Clinton. As well, she was a longtime pregions employee of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. This organization shares the Muslim Brotherhood’s primary goal of establishing Islamic supremacy and Sharia Law throughout the entire world.

Hillary Clinton’s shady backroom dealings become more and more apparent as time goes on. Their truly is not escaping them. Most of the American electorate can see right through the nonsense she tells people.

But to place a person with ties to jihadism in charge of classified information isn’t just negligent is criminally illegal. She must just not care whatsoever about the safety of Americans and our country if she plays so fast and loose with classified information.

This election in November truly will be one for the history books no matter who wins. However, their is a lot on the line. If the American people do not want another Benghazi like tragedy to happen again then Hillary Clinton can not be elected President. Handling classified information appropriately is one of the first requirements of the job and she has already proven time and time again, like in this instance, she can not be trusted to do even that.

So this November remember to show in your vote that you are not with her.

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