Muslim THUG Tries To Stop Catholics From Praying, Gets Taught BRUTAL Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget [VID]

A group of Catholics was participating in a peaceful prayer protest against the demolition of St. Rita’s church in Paris, France, and that’s when a rude intruder turned this protest into a one-punch-knockout fist fight.

There are two different reports on this story.

One report states that the Muslim man walked by and cranked up his music, as to be disrespectful on purpose, which certainly deserves a knockout punch.


The Sun reports – The person videoing the incident reportedly shared the video, writing that the victim of the attack had been playing loud music on his phone.The description of the attack also said that the victim was “chastised for his rudeness” by “a soldier in Christ”.


Another report states that the Muslim man walking by was bragging about Allah being great. This too deserves a solid punch to the face.

Watch the video to get the full feel for it. Then watch it again and pay close attention to the guy in the blue shirt. He’s looking in that man’s direction for most of the video. Was the Muslim guy playing his music from far away? Was he preaching about something? The video cuts off, so we don’t really know much about what happened next.

AAF reports – A group of Catholics were peacefully protesting the closure of one of their churches when a filthy Muslim came along and tried to spew his garbage about how great Allah is and whatever else these savages bitch about.

This garbage got clocked BIG TIME and while I don’t condone violence (I love this) this is exactly what we all need to do when a Muslim thinks they can do whatever the hell they want.Liberals are furious over this awesome knock out but at the same time they have no problem with Muslims screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ and slaughtering gays, women, children and American military.So, it’s a wonderful thing to see this scumbag get his clocked cleaned by a Catholic patriot.Most Muslims just can’t assimilate and this is what happens when they step out of line.

There are a few things to point out in this video.

  1. Having a peaceful protest is such a “white person” thing to do.
  2. Playing loud music in the street is somewhat OK because your phone can only play music so loud, but you should be respectful if people are praying.
  3. Don’t brag about your God when others are praying to theirs. Just keep quiet and move along.
  4. There are conflicting reports about what happened. More reports lead to the music being played too loud and the Catholic warrior for Christ taking action because of that.
  5. That guy has a great left hook.

This all leads us to a great movie quote from Dead Alive:

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