Muslim CNN Anchor Just Made Horrifying Admission On LIVE T.V. As Cameras Kept Rolling

It seems that the mainstream media has not gotten over the fact that Donald Trump won the election. Instead of these “journalists” actually reporting the news and investigating real crimes they continue to attack President Trump. Not only that CNN has been caught numerous times passing off fake news as real. For example, CNN was just caught staging a fake Muslim protest live on television.

Watch the video here.

Or, how about the time that CNN reported that the Russians recorded Trump watching Russian prostitutes urinate on each other in a Moscow hotel room previously occupied by President and Mrs. Barack Obama.

Yeah, that was fake news too.

So, why would anyone believe a word out of a CNN reporters mouth is beyond me? In all honesty, I am not even sure how CNN is still open for business. Well, they may not be open much longer after what was just dug up on Reza Aslan.

Reza Aslan

Let me bring you up to speed first.

Earlier this week, Aslan found himself in the hot seat after attacking President Trump for his tweet after the London attack.

Shortly after that tweet, Aslan responded back calling the president a “piece of shit”. Of course, people were outraged and Aslan quickly took down his offensive tweet.

As reported by Daily Mail:

After US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to use the London terrorist attack to reinforce his call for a United States Muslim travel ban, a CNN host decided to speak out against him.

Reza Aslan, host of CNN’s Believer TV, called the president a ‘piece of s**t’ after Trump used the London tragedy where three Jihadi terrorists killed seven people and injuring 30 more during a horrific knife rampage in central London last night as a means to try to reinforce America.

The tweet from President Trump that sparked the 45-year-old journalist to respond said: ‘We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!’

Aslan then issued this apology, but it is too little too late in my opinion.

However, this is not the first time that Aslan has been caught being entirely offensive. Back in 2012, Aslan actually tweeted that he WISHED that someone would RAPE Congressman Todd Akin.

Really? These are the people that CNN employs? What happened to journalists being impartial when reporting the news? 

Oh, but wait there is more.

Newsbusters did a little digging and found that Reza Aslan is a repreat offender.

Now, as to Aslan’s claim that it’s “not like me” to engage in derogatory language and profanity, we have these examples — only six of several more — found by Twitchy and its followers within 90 minutes of his “apology” tweet.

  • (responding to a Paul Ryan tweet on Mother’s Day — “Except of course Syrian moms fleeing war, famine, and genocide with their starving children. F**k those moms.”
  • (responding to a tweet from Dinesh D’Souza about Barack Obama’s childhood) — “Hey Dinesh. I’ll say this as politely as I can: Go f**k yourself, you adulterous piece of sh*t felon.”
  • (On what Khizr Khan’s wife would say to Trump if they spoke) — “She’d probably tell you to go f**k yourself.”
  • (Reacting to Trump’s late May overseas trip) —”But on the plus side he didn’t sh*t himself in public.”
  • (As a sore loser ridiculing Vice President Mike Pence after the Republican candidate in a Montana special congressional election won despite being charged with assaulting a reporter) — “And Jesus said, ‘if someone tries to ask you a question, beat the sh*t out of them.'”
  • (On Trump) — “Oh the joy when this lying conniving scumbag narcissistic sociopath piece of sh*t fake president finally gets what’s coming to him.”

So, taking a glance over this it appears that Aslan is a big, fat liar. In his apology, Aslan tries to convince everyone that this was out of character, but this list says otherwise.

Now, CNN has distanced themselves from Aslan after the Trump POS tweet, claiming he’s “not a CNN employee, but does host a series on the network.”

A CNN represenitive also said in a statement, “We are pleased that he has apologized for his tweets. That kind of discourse is never appropriate,”

However, what is strange is that the CNN reprenitive has not said anything in response to the pro-rape tweet. Does that mean they are ok with this sort of venom out of Aslan’s mouth?

It certainly apears so, but that won’t change till we say something.

This is outrageous that this man has a platform to spew his hate and to further divide the country. Just like we all banded together over the Kathy Griffin scandal we need to do the same on this. Reza Aslan deserves to be fired for his dangerous outbursts and CNN needs to hold their employees at a higher standard. I hope that CNN does something about this piece of scum or they may be all in the unemployment line sooner than later.


H/T [ Truth Feed ]

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