THIS Muslim Company In The U.S. Is Forcing Their Christian Employees To Wear Headscarfs!

A company named Khilaf Krafts, a Muslim-owned art and craft store in Michigan, is forcing their female employees to wear a Muslim hijab, therefore forcing their religion on their employees.

This isn’t your typical piece of uniform, its a garment related directly to the religion of Islam.


Conservative Post – Khilaf Krafts initiated the requirement shortly after the 5 to 4 decision in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, which gave family-owned business the right to religious expression and decision making.

Five women working for the company are in fact Muslims, but the remaining three are practicing Christians. Now, the store is threatening their Christian employees to comply or be fired.

“My boss came in last Tuesday with a Koran in his hand and told us we were dressed like harlots,” claims 28-year-old Karen Anderson, who has worked at the company for five years.

“He gave us each a hijab and said if we didn’t wear it we’d be unemployed. I’m a strong believer is Jesus Christ. But my husband passed a few years ago and I need this job to support my kids. .I don’t really have a choice. I have to wear it.”

There’s several parts to this news story which are very conflicting to write about and might aggravate the typical American, but it needs to be said.

If the Muslims get religious freedom at their family owned business, then so does everyone else. We don’t have to like it, but if we complain about THEIR business, then people will complain when we have OUR business. We get enough complaints about stupid things from the idiot liberals, so sometimes we should shut up. If a Muslim family has a craft shop and wants the employees to look Muslim too – that’s fine.

Go for it. In fact, I prefer it, because when I go to a Chinese food restaurant and there’s a red headed girl cooking, then I’m leaving. I agree that people should play the part of the business. I don’t want white people cooking Chinese food, and I don’t want Asians cooking Mexican food. I bet the Muslim business doesn’t want their employees looking so Christian. Makes sense when you think about it that way, and as long as they’re not building exploding clocks in the back of the store, then all is fine. What do I care?

There’s what, two Christian chicks working here? So what! Leave. It’s a craft store job and you’re not losing much by leaving it. There has to be other stores in Dearborn, Michigan that you can work at. Why would you stay working at a store where you don’t like the uniform? Why would you stay working at a place where you and the owner don’t get along? Go job hunting on your days off and figure it out. Once you and the boss of any job no longer get along, then it’s time to move on.

You need to be in a work location where you can enjoy your day stress free. And, I hate to break it to these women, but they’re not the boss. They’re the employee. And as much as I think the religion of Islam is a rather sick thing to live by, I have to stick up for independent business owners, because business owners shouldn’t be told what to do with THEIR businesses. There’s a lot more American businesses and we need to protect them from liberal morons ruining our freedom.

Would I work there or shop there? Nah, but for the sake of saving American business owners the trouble of dealing with girls like this, I think the women should shut up and leave the job.

Stop complaining and get out of there. You hate the job, so leave the job.

Don’t give me the “it’s not that easy” nonsense. Yes it is. Record it for YouTube, upload your video of you quitting in an epic fashion, upload it and cash in on the views while you’re on unemployment and looking for a new job. Maybe you’ll go viral and end up on a nightly talk show.

What does the craft store pay anyway? It can’t be that much.

These ladies need to move on.

Get over it and find a new job.

I have to say this because if a job asked people to wear the American flag, which would be awesome, then I’d protect that job too.

We’re hypocrites if we say this business can’t do what they want.

We can throw a few clock jokes in there, but at the end of the day we need to protect the mass amounts of businesses owned by Americans. If it becomes a “thing” where a business can’t run by their own rules, then we’re all screwed.

If you’re a business owner, then you understand where my point of view comes from.

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