Muslim Cop Who Killed White Woman Left Audio On – Here’s SICK Thing It Caught After His Fatal Shot

Justine Damond was a beautiful woman who had a zest for life and was excited for her upcoming wedding in August. Damond had moved to the United States to marry the love of her life, but sadly that day will never come after being fatally shot by a Somali-Muslim cop. Over the last several day’s new information has emerged concerning that tragic night, and each new detail is more disturbing than the last. There are many questions surrounding the events that lead up to the tragic shooting, and since the officers did not activate their body cameras it leaves the public in the dark. However, the audio dispatch was recorded and it captures what happened during Justine Damond’s last moments on earth, and it is riveting. 

Minnesota is a hot bed for Muslim refugees who have been flooding into the area at an alarming rate. After 8 years of the Obama administration allowing every Muslim into the country, this once idyllic Midwestern state now resembles, in some parts the Middle East. By allowing so many refugees into the country there is no way to properly vet them all which could prevent future tragedies. In the name of being politically correct, these refugees are often coddled and given jobs they have no business being given. That is exactly what was demonstrated when a Somali man was given a badge and a gun that has left one woman dead.

Officer Mohamed Noor

Justine Damond called the cops this past Saturday night to report what she thought was a sexual assault being committed near her home. When she saw the patrol car, Damond calmly walked up to the car and spoke to the officer through the window on the driver side. Officer Mohamed Noor who was on the passenger side when he opened fire shooting Damond at least once in the abdomen.

At the present time, the police have not released the reason why Officer Noor opened fire on Damond. When Damond approached the police cruiser she was seen wearing pajama pants and did not pose a threat or was armed. According to witnesses of the horrific crime, Damond was seen speaking to officer Matthew Harrity, 25, through the police cruiser’s driver side window. However, since the officers did not activate their body camera’s it is unclear what happened in the moment’s that lead up to Noor shooting Damond.

In the audio, one officer can be heard saying he sees a “female screaming behind a building” after the shots were fired. “Shots fired … we have one down,” an officer is heard calmly telling dispatch after Noor had shot Damond to death behind her home. The conversation continues as Damond bleeds out on the pavement killed by someone who was sworn to protect her. It is heart-wrenching to hear this audio and realize the panic this woman must have felt in those final moments.

Previously the police have been tight lipped about what occurred before the shooting but we now we may have some more answers. According to a recent interview with Officer Matthew Harrity, Noor’s partner said that right before the shooting there was a loud bang. Could this be the reason for the shooting or is this just an excuse to protect a Somali police officer?

Justine Damond and her family in happier times.

What makes it even more suspicious is what has been discovered about Noor and his police record. It was revealed that Noor has had several complaints already lodged against him and is currently being sued. In Noor’s short career as a police officer, he has had has had three complaints filed against him during his two-year law enforcement career. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, two of the three complaints against Noor are still active, and one was closed without discipline.

According to the New York Post, “Attorney Thomas Plunkett, who represents Noor, said the officer “extends his condolences to the family and anyone else who has been touched by this event. He takes their loss seriously and keeps them in his daily thoughts and prayers.”

“He came to the United States at a young age and is thankful to have had so many opportunities,” Plunkett added in a statement. “He takes these events very seriously because, for him, being a police officer is a calling.”

No matter how upset Noor feels it will never bring back Damond to her family and friends. Considering the complaints against Noor and his background as a Somali-Muslim why was this man given a badge in the first place?

This is why we need to have a tougher vetting process in America and also with those who want to be officers. The mainstream media will not ask the tough questions about what happened that night which means the public will have to. There must be justice for this woman and her family and a simple apology will not cut it.

This is exactly what happens when we have open borders and a relaxed vetting process.


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