Muslim Delivers Pizza to Girls’ Sleepover, Surprises Them With Something Sick They DIDN’T Order

How absolutely horrifying!

As Muslims continue to hack, behead, and rape their way across the Middle East and invade Europe and America as a way to further global caliphate, these countries are now reaping the horrifying consequences of liberal policies as these third-world country “refugees” infiltrate western civilizations. Now a group of teenagers’ lives will be forever destroyed, after a simple night that was supposed to be a fun pizza party was transformed into a night or horror after what a “refugee” pizza delivery man did as soon as they had answered the door.

Mohammed Shahab Mahboubian is a 37-year-old Iraqi refugee from the Middle East who conned the country of England into taking him in and giving him a new home. But shorty after getting a job delivering pizzas, his third-world country barbaric tendencies would kick in, and his rapist nature that Islam taught him would be unleashed on a group of unassuming innocent teens who had simply called in an order for a pizza. As soon as the girls answered the door, a night of complete horror would ensue.

Shortly after knocking on the door and being greeted by a group of young, bright teenage girls, Mahboubian quickly realized the girls were completely alone, and decided to take full advantage of the situation. He quickly targeted one girl, where he abducted her and shoved him into his car and sped away.

Mahboubian eventually did bring the girl back to the house, but not before he savagely sexually assaulted her, giving her an up close and personal look at the “religion of peace.” Express.Uk has more:

Mahboubian told her he was only going to drive up and down the road but when she got in, immediately asked her age. Robin Turton, prosecuting, said when she replied she was 15, he told her she was “too young for sex”.

He asked other questions, including where she lived, as he drove to a remote spot where he pounced. Mahboubian kissed the petrified child before indecently assaulting her.

The girl told police she had not wanted anything to happen but “froze. ”She told her attacker that her friends would be concerned prompting him to drive back to the house and drop her off.

But while she was missing one her friends rang to tell her grandmother what had happened and she called the police. Mahboubian was arrested that night but refused to comment on what sexual activity had occurred.

Authorities eventually got involved and caught the man, but that’s where the story takes an even more horrifying turn. Rather than Mahboubian getting locked up and never seeing the light of day again as you would assume, he only got a light slap on the wrist for what he did, getting only seven-and-a-half years for the kidnapping in rape. Conservative Tribune reported:

His representative argued for a light sentence because the Iranian refugee had displayed such good character for the five years he had been in Britain — other than his sexual assault, we assume he meant. He added that Mahboubian did return the girl back to them home after he molested her, as if that somehow made everything better.

Shockingly, Mahboubian pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault in order to avoid a more serious rape charge. He will likely be deported after serving his sentence.

It’s utterly vile that this man didn’t get a longer sentence for the savage thing he did to this young girl, proving once again that we are not only at war with radical Islam, but with the Muslim-pandering morons that continue to let these idiots literally get away with murder.

Despite what liberals would love for you to believe, these psychotic and deranged individuals will never assimilate into western civilization. After all…it’s not their goal to assimilate, but to spread Islam across the globe, eventually killing off anyone who refuses to comply with their barbaric religion.

President Trump is trying his damnedest to keep these vermin out of our country, but thanks to the ongoing antics of liberals who continue to fight for the rights of these morons, these types of incidents are quickly becoming the new norm for countries who continue to open their borders up to these unvetted dirtbags.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]


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