Muslim Denied Marriage To Cousin, Here’s His HORRIFIC Response


From Mad World: A Muslim man was trying to marry his cousin, but his family ended up strongly opposing his decision. Rather than let it go, he took the worst action he possibly could.

Gul Ahmed of Peshawar, Pakistan had murdered his parents and two brothers months ago after they stood in opposition to him marrying his cousin, Naveeda Bibi. and according to Arab News, that was only the start of his insane killing spree.

The 25-year-old suspect is currently on the run after an early Sunday morning attack that killed 10 people in total, all over them refusing to allow him his incestuous marriage. Among the dead was his bride to be, Bibi, and nine of her relatives, Office Shahid Khan said.

Muslim Denied Marriage To Cousin, Here’s His HORRIFIC Response

“He stormed the house and killed all ten family members while they were asleep,” said Kahn, who added that two children and four women were among the dead.

Ahmed shot dead his uncle, aunt, and eight cousins in the brutal attack, using an AK-47. The slayings come after the crazed man murdered his own family in November for refusing to pay his dowry, or the amount paid in an arranged marriage.

The recent spate of killings comes after his prospective in-laws wouldn’t allow him to marry his fiancé unless the dowry was paid, according to another police official, Gulzar Kahn. Somehow, Ahmed was able to escape being arrested for the November killings. Apparently, this type of violence is common in Pakistan, where arranged marriages are normal.

I can’t believe this man murdered his entire family only because they wouldn’t allow him to marry his cousin, of all people. However, it just goes to show the violent nature of some in the Middle East, who use barbarity and intimidation in order to get what they want. Hopefully police find him then do what needs to be done, since anybody who’s capable of such a heinous act obviously isn’t fit to be wandering around.
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