BREAKING: MUSLIM ER Doctor In Detroit Hospital Just Arrested For Doing NASTY Sharia Operation On Young Victims

Because according to the looney liberal “coexist” left things like this don’t happen here in the United States. What seems to be a female doctor from the Henry Ford emergency room has been arrested this week for performing female genital mutilation on young girls.

Jumana Nagarwala, 44, of Northville Michigan is the accused, according to reports she took it upon herself to mutilate little girls between the ages of 6 and 8. Yes, in the United States of America.

Not 100% sure this person is indeed a female but reports seem to claim she is. You be the judge.

It’s being reported some of the girls were brought in from out of state to endure this awful procedure.

Via WXYZ 7, Detroit:

“The investigation revealed that in one particular case, a 7-year-old was brought by her family from Minnesota. An investigation into phone records revealed their location. The child was interviewed on April 10. She stated that she was brought to Detroit for “special girls trip.”

The child victim also stated that she said she had to go to the doctor “to get the germs out.” Upon a medical exam on April 11, a doctor determined that the child’s genitals had been altered or removed. The child identified Dr. Nagarwala as the doctor who performed the procedure.”

Although many consider this a religious practice, it is actually illegal in the US to mutilate female genitalia to reduce sexual pleasure and arousal.

“According to the complaint, despite her oath to care for her patients, Dr. Nagarwala is alleged to have performed horrifying acts of brutality on the most vulnerable victims,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Blanco. “The Department of Justice is committed to stopping female genital mutilation in this country, and will use the full power of the law to ensure that no girls suffer such physical and emotional abuse.”

WXYZ 7 continued:

“Female genital mutilation constitutes a particularly brutal form of violence against women and girls. It is also a serious federal felony in the United States. The practice has no place in modern society and those who perform FGM on minors will be held accountable under the federal law,” stated the Acting United States Attorney Daniel Lemisch.

“The allegations detailed in today’s criminal complaint are disturbing. The FBI, along with its law enforcement partners, are committed to doing whatever necessary to bring an end to this barbaric practice and to ensure no additional children fall victim to this procedure”, said Special Agent in Charge David Gelios.”

The criminal complaint:

Nagarwala Complaint by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd

This should boil every American’s blood no matter which side of the political aisle you agree with. There is no place in America for garbage like this. You come to America you adopt our humanity. What we consider inhuman remains that way. If you want to keep your 17th-century mentality you are welcome to, but not on our soil. You leave your garbage at the door or stay in the cesspool you came from. We don’t need you here.

I wonder where all the women marchers are today? The same ones who marched against President Trump because he was going to take away their rights, without ever explaining which rights those were. The double standard on the left is insane. Let’s hope we all wake up and see “The Religion of Peace” and it’s Sharia Law isn’t what we want in our great nation.

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