Muslim Driver Tries To Murder Veteran, Tells Police 7 SICK words

Let me just state the obvious here… it was terrorism, plain and simple. Mystery sandwich solved. Army vet Scott Alcala was on his way to play golf in San Jose with his dad, when he had an encounter of the Muslim variety. When he looked in his mirror, he saw a white blur and then was slammed on the driver’s side by a white Suburban going over 100 miles per hour. He thought for sure he was dead. He spun into oncoming traffic and then slammed into a barrier. Fortunately, Scott was not really injured. That was a miracle in itself. The offending driver was also not harmed if you can believe it.

Army veteran Scott Alcala
Army veteran Scott Alcala

An off-duty policeman went to the driver who hit Scott to see if he was okay. He told Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin that he was going way too fast. Ameer casually replied, “It was in the name of Allah.” He showed no remorse whatsoever. In fact, he also told the officer it was because of Donald Trump’s improper treatment of minorities and other’s lack of faith. Then comes the part where the guy says he was using his psychic/telekinetic powers to steer the car… sounds like prep for an insanity defense to me. The guy was apathetic and frankly didn’t seem to care a whole lot about what he had done. He did boast he was doing 200 mph.

From Mad World News:

KMPH reports that Alcala was traveling from Fresno to San Jose when a car going at least 100mph intentionally swerved and hit his vehicle, causing him to swerve into oncoming traffic. Miraculously, Alcala survived with minor injuries and no one else was hit. However, it was the driver’s response that takes this collision case to a terrifying level.

An off-duty police officer, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, rushed over to the driver. Incredibly, he wasn’t harmed but seemed oddly satisfied with his life-threatening actions. The driver, identified as Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin, took one look at the officer and casually admitted, “It was in the name of Allah.”

Alcala said, “The off-duty police officer went to talk to the other driver of his vehicle and as he approached him, he said, ‘Are you alright? That was way too fast. You shouldn’t have been driving that fast,’ and (the driver) said, ‘I did it on purpose. It was in the name of Allah.”

Scott Alcala served in Afghanistan during the war on terror fighting radical Islamists. He said this was a terrorist attack and I believe him. He said the guy was trying to target as many people as he could. All of this makes Scott feel like he’s back in a war zone.

After all this, authorities are saying they still don’t know the motive here. Someone has not been paying attention. When a guy tries to kill you and invokes Allah while blaming all of it on Donald Trump, I would say it is a safe bet it is terrorism.

The media won’t use the word terrorism at all here. They just blame it on Trump. It sounds to me like they are saying the attacks are justified and that’s just twisted and sick. If they had paid attention in Israel, they would know that Jihad by car is a common occurrence. No one died this time… next time we may not be so lucky.


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