Muslim Finally Agrees To Remove Burka, Judge Delivers Bad News To Her FACE

A Muslim woman who accused a man of a “racist” and “Islamophobic” attack refused to remove her face covering in court. After the judge told her she would be in contempt, the Muslim finally showed her face. However, as soon as she removed her veil, the judge delivered the bad news right to her newly revealed face.

Mad World News recently reported that Amira Behari, 43, told the court that the accused man had called her an “a**hole,” adding “you don’t belong here,” and that she couldn’t comply with German law by removing her face covering because of her devout faith.

“I have a god at the end of the world who will see me right at the end. I will not do this,” she said.

Upholding the law, Judge Thomas Mueller told Behari in a Munich courtroom that if she didn’t remove her niqab, she would be fined and serve prison time for being in contempt of court. When she again refused, Mueller gave up, citing that he had no choice but to acquit the accused, a 59-year-old man identified only as Kai O.

Mueller’s decision, however, enraged Behari and her supporters. Prosecutors appealed for a retrial, winning the right to another hearing, this time before a female judge. Still, Behari refused to remove her veil so that Judge Claudia Bauer could read her expressions and identify that she was, in fact, who she says she is.

When Behari refused for the third time, Judge Bauer gave her the same option — remove the niqab or withdraw her case. Finally, she removed her face covering and allowed the court to see her face, a move she believed was strictly prohibited by her faith. However, this didn’t get Behari what she was expecting.

According to the Daily Mail, Judge Bauer told Behari to her now visible face that her evidence was insufficient, and that the man she accused of racism for insulting her religion was to again be acquitted. The upset Muslim woman insisted “he attacked me,” but the judge wasn’t falling for her demand to punish the German man for blasphemy.

Adding insult to injury, Behari was forced to comply with Western law, and she didn’t even get her way after she did. Of course, the real victim is the man brought twice before a Munich court in an attempt to force Germany to recognize Sharia law.

Regardless if this man actually said what Behari claimed he did, it is no reason to prosecute him. Insulting someone is not against the law, and calling someone a vulgar name is a protected right.

Kai’s alleged insult had nothing to do with race, and even if he had called her a slur against Muslims, it doesn’t magically make Islam a race. A person does not change ethnicities when they convert to or from Islam. The only reason Islam demands to be considered a race is to receive the special protection and benefits that it affords.

The day that Westerners are prevented from “insulting” Islam, or any belief for that matter, is the day that freedom dies. Freedom of speech was never intended for protecting inoffensive speech, because inoffensive speech needs no defense

Muslims are forcing Sharia law upon the countries they infiltrate, forcing non-Muslims to adhere to the same legislation that does not equally protect their ideologies, and our tolerance of their intolerance is to blame.

via Mad World News

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